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John Mizia

Director and Chief Engineer

John Mizia is a research associate at the Energy Institute and the Director of the Rapid Prototyping Lab. Before coming to CSU he spent a decade working as a propulsion engineer at Lockheed Martin / ULA on the Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program. During that time he moved several designs from early concept through vehicle integration and launch using a strict product lifecycle management (PLM) process. This included early concept trade studies, CAD design maturation, system analysis, hardware qualification through testing, and post-installation data analysis. In 2012 he began working exclusively on research projects at the CSU Energy Institute and in 2019 launched the Rapid Prototyping Lab. John Received his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University in 2003, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1996.

Principal Engineer and Lab Manager

Matt Willman is a research associate at the Energy Institute. He brings significant advanced manufacturing experience to the organization and is the Principal Engineer and Lab Manager at the Rapid Prototyping Lab. He is an expert in high-pressure/temperature sealing techniques, complex system integration, and hybrid rocket propulsion systems. He received his bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from CSU in 2020.

Principal Engineer and Data Aquisition Lead

Kirk Evans was raised on a southeastern Colorado farm. He attended Garden City Community College from 1992 – 1994 as a part of the John Deere Agricultural Technician Program. He began a degree program in the CSU Mechanical Engineering Department in Fall 1997 and began working at the EECL. He became the Lab Manager in Spring 2002. His hobbies include spending time with his wife and kids, camping, fishing, and four-wheeling.

Jason Golly

ERC Affiliate

Jason Golly is a designer/fabricator operating out of the Engineering Research Center. He brings significant thin wall sheet-metal design and fabrication skills to the organization. He provides consultation and seemless integration with the ERC capabilities. He specializes in complex welded assemblies.

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